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Vintage Finds with a Gypsy Soul

I love filling my home with old, unique things I pick up from everywhere. I’m not one for mass-produced and brand new.

Anyone can buy those things. Not everyone can find a hobnail lamp or a hand-made angel wrapped and woven out of silk string.

Copper crucifix in a walnut frame? Bedroom. Tatted lace on a scarlet mat? Also bedroom. Coral milk glass bud vase? Dining room. Step tables complete with nicks in all the right places? Living room (for now).

There’s an art to wandering through a thrift store (re: tag sale, rummage sale, garage sale, consignment store, basement and of course…attic) and listening for the thing that calls to you.

I like the stories these objects tell. They have a past. I give them a future. We share a home. Finding them, placing them, wondering about them is my form of practicing art.

Aristotle is who I call the “Father of Good Living”. He’s my spirit animal in the philosophy sense. His On Happiness tells us the best way to live life and give it meaning is to pursue happiness. It’s not a state, but an activity. It’s pursuit, I think, makes us whole.

Objects have substance, but they also have form. They have a unique nature that gives them their identity. When that unique nature resonates with me, I find happiness.

Find some of these treasures in my Etsy Shop. Find their stories on my blog.

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